The Devil and God are raging inside me.

Jercyl is my name and life is my game. I am a dazed and confused young adult trying to figure out how the world works. My story consists of a lot of ups and downs but I do what I can to settle the loop holes and the conflicts.

I like amusement parks, big cities, art films, interesting people, sweet-tasting coffee, short skirts and dresses, mind-blowing stories, far off destinations, long meaningful conversations, wonderfully-written novels, rock concerts, genuine intimacy, hilarious television shows, crazy parties, deep poetry, and all things Japanese.
New poems posted! Check it out here :)
Happiness ☺ #food #lolodads #soup #tomatosoup #creamofmushroom soup

Happiness ☺ #food #lolodads #soup #tomatosoup #creamofmushroom soup

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